Chocolate Protein Waffles

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This recipe has been a LONG time in the making. I have been trying to perfect this recipe since July! I finally think I have mastered this recipe enough to share it with all of you ūüôā

It has been quite the busy Summer and I can’t believe it is already Fall! I have moved into a new place and got a new job all in this past month and unfortunately, have had little time to work on my blog. However, I have still made time to test new recipes and gather more ideas to share with you soon! Although I would love to get to a point where I have time to blog recipes on a regular basis, I know it isn’t always realistic. My hope is that you will still follow what I post and try my recipes throughout your own busy life. I can guarantee this recipe will not disappoint and will soon become a weekend staple as it has for my house! Enjoy!

xo,  Curls&Kale



3-4 Servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes



1 1/4c Strawberries, blended until smooth (about 1 container of fresh strawberries)

4 eggs, Whisked

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 TBSP Coconut Oil, melted

1 c Arrowroot Flour

1 c Chocolate Protein Powder (I use this one)

1 tsp Baking Soda

2 TBSP Cocoa Powder

3/4 c Chocolate Chips (I use these)

Pinch of Salt

Coconut oil Spray



Plug in your waffle iron to start warming up.

Take a carton of fresh strawberries and pulse them in a blender until smooth. I used my magic bullet and it took about 1 container of strawberries to make 1 1/4c of blended strawberries.

Whisk eggs together in a medium-large size bowl. Add vanilla and melted coconut oil.

In a separate bowl, mix together flour, protein powder, baking soda, cocoa powder and salt.

Slowly add the dry ingredient mix into the wet ingredients. Stir together until everything is mixed together.

Add the chocolate chips into the waffle mix and then transfer into a measuring cup or other easy to pour container.

Use the coconut oil spray to grease both sides of the waffle iron. When the waffle iron is ready, pour mixture into your waffle iron and close the lid until cooked through. My waffle iron takes about 3 minutes to make the waffles crisp and delicious. You will just need to test out your own iron to see how long they will take.

Note: Before you pour each waffle into the iron stir the waffle mixture. The chocolate chips sink to the bottom of the mixture so you need to continue to stir them to the top so they are evenly distributed when you are making your waffles.

*This recipe was adapted from a post I saw here!



Arts & Crafts

shoes 1

Happy Summertime!! I’m sorry this isn’t a recipe but these shoes had to be shared!¬†A few weeks ago it was my boyfriends sister, Meryah’s, birthday. About a week before her birthday I found shoes similar to these on Etsy and thought they were PERFECT for Meryah because of her love for giraffes. The price tag however told me this was not the perfect gift for her haha. I was not about to spend $180 for a pair of sneakers, even if they were really cool. So instead, I¬†decided to buy a pair of Vans and paint them myself. ¬†The only problem that came up was that there was no way this project was going to be done in a week with how busy my schedule was. So two weeks after her birthday she finally got her gift and fell in love ūüôā I have some steps below on how I made these shoes. Seriously, they were probably the best gift I have ever given just because of the work I put into them and how they were so personal. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, just get creative. There is so¬†much more meaning when your own thoughtfulness and work are put into the gift. Happy Birthday Meryah!!


shoes 3


First I started out with plain Vans shoes. This will work with any canvas shoe such as Tom’s or Converse as well. Without blowing my secret gift I found out that Meryah liked Vans over Tom’s so that’s why I went with these. If you are planning these as a gift, pray that you get the right size or find out if they have a similar pair already. Meryah is typically a size 9 in shoes but in Vans she is an 8.5 because they are supposed to be more snug. I was so thankful when she put them on and they fit! Once I had the shoes I found a few different giraffe pictures to work with¬†and took a permanent marker and started drawing. It’s less stressful when you know you can paint over the shoes so if you mess up, it will be ok!

Side note: Rubbing alcohol will also remove acrylic paint off canvas. When I first started paint the giraffe I didn’t like how it turned out and took a Q-tip with alcohol and removed the work I had done. It was a relief that this trick worked. Then I was able to start over on the canvas again.

shoes 4

For the outlines and the tree branches you can use any kind of permanent marker or waterproof acrylic marker. For the giraffe base, I painted a layer of Gesso, but I think simple white acrylic paint would have been cheaper and done a better job. Luckily, I have a bunch of artist friends to give me tips and tricks along the way like this one. The white paint as a base layer really helps the whole piece stand out more against the darker canvas shoe.

shoes 2For the paint I used Basic acrylics with firm, nylon small brushes and for the black outlines I used a sharpie permanent marker. The acrylics are waterproof so once they are dry, she should have no problem wearing them out and about. The picture above was when I was almost done but you can see even after I painted the yellow base layer, I continued to paint on the giraffe with a white layer first and then the brown spots.

shoes 1The finished product! When all the paint was dry, I did a final finish with a Matte sealer to be extra confident to wear these in any kind of weather. I gave her the whole can of sealant as well so she can apply it again as needed. If you have any questions about the shoes, don’t hesitate to contact me!

xo, Curls&Kale

A Taste of Summer-Lamb Burgers

burger 2

I am LOVING this Summer weather and these burgers! It seemed winter this year was a lot longer than usual and Summer is my favorite time of year so I have been itching to start cooking some fresh summer foods. Saturday we grilled some of these burgers for¬†a¬†few friends and they were a huge hit. Lamb is a leaner protein and also a little gamey so the seasoning really enhances the flavors of the burgers, if you can’t find lamb, beef would work just as well. Enjoy!


Makes 6 Burgers

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 12 Minutes

Total Time: 22 Minutes


2 Lbs Ground Lamb

2 tbsp Ground Cumin

1 tbsp Dried Thyme

1 tbsp Dried Oregano

1.5 c Fresh Blueberries

Optional Burger Accompaniments (as seen in photo): 

Grilled Pineapple

Fried Duck Egg

Lettuce leaves

Moo Goo (Recipe coming soon!)


Preheat a grill to medium-high heat.

In a medium size mixing bowl, mix together lamb and spices. Gently fold in blueberries so you do not mash the berries. Divide meat into 6 equal portions and form into 1/2 inch-thick patties.

Once the grill is hot, place burgers on grill, close the lid and cook for 5 minutes. Flip the burgers and the finished cooking time depends on how well done you want your burger. Grill for 3-4 more minutes for a medium-well burger. Remove burgers from the grill and let rest for 2-3 more minutes.

Additions to make the recipe look like the picture:

While the burgers are cooking,  slice 1/4-inch thick slices of pineapple and place them on the grill just to warm and get grill marks. On the stove, fry a duck egg (or regular egg) until it is cooked over easy. Assemble: Lay a piece of lettuce for the base, add a grilled pineapple slice, lamb burger, fried duck egg and the moo goo.

duck egg

burger 1

burger 3Credit for these awesome photos goes to my good friend, Erin. She is an amazing photographer and also made me a photo station¬†for all my future blog recipes. Thanks Erin! ūüôā

xo, Curls&Kale