Kitchen Tips


Here are some every day kitchen tips, keep checking back, I update this page when I learn more tricks and trades! Also, post or email me any questions you may have and I’ll give you my advice!

  • After cutting garlic and your hands are sticky, rub your hands against stainless steel (just don’t cut yourself on the blade of a knife please!!)
  • When using the zest of an orange/lime/lemon, don’t waste the juice! I store large mason jars of water in my refrigerator and add different fruits to vary the flavors.
  • What is the difference between a “stock” and a “broth”- A broth is made with just meat while a stock is made with bones and simmered for a long time. **When freezing stock, put in zip lock bags and on a cookie sheet to freeze, it will save space in the freezer!
  • Soak onions in ice water to remove the raw flavor and to keep them light and crunchy. To make a cucumber salad i soak onions and cucumbers in salt water for at least an hour and then strain the access water before adding the dressing. Takes the extra bite out of the cucumbers and onions!
  • Need to cut back on the salt? Use acids such as citrus, horseradish and vinegar to enhance flavors without adding so much salt.
  • Add a half tablespoon of cooking oil to your water for hard boiled eggs–it makes them easier to peel!
  • Kitchen Safety Tip- grease fires: DON’T use water! This will expand the fire because water is heavier than oil. Flour is flammable so this will expand the fire as well. Take a solid lid and place on top of the fire to suffocate it. DO NOT use a glass lid, the heat will cause the glass to shatter!

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