Stupid Easy Paleo Simple Paleo Tortillas

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Similar to probably every other paleo-nut out there, I love reading other blogs and trying out new recipes while also reading about other bloggers’ lives (we all secretly love hearing about other people’s lives right? It’s not just me?). I have a list of all my favorite blogs HERE, but once in awhile I also want to highlight specific blogs—and specific recipes– when something particularly catches my eye. I found a fellow CrossFit and Paleo blogger, Stupid Easy Paleo, a few months ago and can’t get enough from her website. Her paleo recipes are exactly what her name describes: easy! There are not a million different ingredients in her recipes that you have to spend a ton of money on and her recipes are simple to put together. She really caught my attention with these simple paleo tortillas. You can find the details and directions on her BLOG and you can find arrowroot and coconut flour HERE or I have also found them in Whole foods and specialty stores.  I made a few batches of these tortillas this weekend and really thought they were going to be more difficult than her directions read, but it turns out they are just as simple and her instructions and pictures are perfect. I used a nonstick pan and heated the pan prior to adding any of the batter. When you are adding the batter, you don’t need a lot. I made this mistake with my first tortilla before I understood how to pour a little bit of the batter and then roll the pan around to move the batter all across the bottom. The tortillas cook fast so keep an eye on them. One batch will make 3 tortillas if you don’t pour too much batter in the first time like I did. Three tortillas weren’t enough for me and another hungry CrossFitter so I made a double batch. I made tacos with them and also just spread some honey and cinnamon on them for a sweet dessert, they are amazing! This is perfect for any meal that would normally have tortillas and they could even be a quick pre or post workout snack. She states they are easy to fold up and freeze so you can make them ahead of time and then pack them for your afternoon workout.

Ingredients you will need for one batch:

For directions and step-by-step pictures visit Stupid Easy Paleo, she also has a great section for athletes so check out her full site!

xo, Curls&Kale