3 John 2


“Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

Remember that every day is a blessing and can be used as a clean slate. Whether you fell off the clean eating wagon or have skipped the gym for the past 10 years, start today. I pray for everyone to find good health and well being. Encourage one another, find a friend who will accompany you on this journey. You got this and you don’t have to do it alone!

Transformation Tuesday

transformation tuesday

It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I stopped counting calories and started doing CrossFit, which also led to adopting my Paleo lifestyleI was completely out of my comfort zone and working my butt off. I pushed myself to go to the gym at least four or five times per week. I cut out all the unprocessed crap in my diet and added liquid vitamins that gave me more energy than I could believe. It was hard as hell but gratifying at the same time. It took hard work and sweat to get me here and it was worth every second. The picture on the right is from 2009, the left is from October 2014. I am stronger and more confident in my body and mind.  I don’t compare myself to others anymore; just to the person I was yesterday. I am always striving to be a better me, no one else.

The pictures above don’t only represent how far I have come, but I also hope it inspires others to keep going with their goals. You are going to want to give up and quit; to take the easy road, I’ve been there—we have all been there. Let this time be different. Promise yourself to stick to your goals and stay true to it, to yourself, and you will see results. There will be days where you question yourself and your program. Keep going. You are worth it. Don’t compare yourself to all the other people in the room, gym, in line at the grocery store. Compare yourself to you. It is gratifying to see how far I have come these past few years, and even more so thinking about where I will be in the next few years.

Make this year about YOUR transformation. Whatever your goals may be, you can reach them.




Arts & Crafts

shoes 1

Happy Summertime!! I’m sorry this isn’t a recipe but these shoes had to be shared! A few weeks ago it was my boyfriends sister, Meryah’s, birthday. About a week before her birthday I found shoes similar to these on Etsy and thought they were PERFECT for Meryah because of her love for giraffes. The price tag however told me this was not the perfect gift for her haha. I was not about to spend $180 for a pair of sneakers, even if they were really cool. So instead, I decided to buy a pair of Vans and paint them myself.  The only problem that came up was that there was no way this project was going to be done in a week with how busy my schedule was. So two weeks after her birthday she finally got her gift and fell in love 🙂 I have some steps below on how I made these shoes. Seriously, they were probably the best gift I have ever given just because of the work I put into them and how they were so personal. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, just get creative. There is so much more meaning when your own thoughtfulness and work are put into the gift. Happy Birthday Meryah!!


shoes 3


First I started out with plain Vans shoes. This will work with any canvas shoe such as Tom’s or Converse as well. Without blowing my secret gift I found out that Meryah liked Vans over Tom’s so that’s why I went with these. If you are planning these as a gift, pray that you get the right size or find out if they have a similar pair already. Meryah is typically a size 9 in shoes but in Vans she is an 8.5 because they are supposed to be more snug. I was so thankful when she put them on and they fit! Once I had the shoes I found a few different giraffe pictures to work with and took a permanent marker and started drawing. It’s less stressful when you know you can paint over the shoes so if you mess up, it will be ok!

Side note: Rubbing alcohol will also remove acrylic paint off canvas. When I first started paint the giraffe I didn’t like how it turned out and took a Q-tip with alcohol and removed the work I had done. It was a relief that this trick worked. Then I was able to start over on the canvas again.

shoes 4

For the outlines and the tree branches you can use any kind of permanent marker or waterproof acrylic marker. For the giraffe base, I painted a layer of Gesso, but I think simple white acrylic paint would have been cheaper and done a better job. Luckily, I have a bunch of artist friends to give me tips and tricks along the way like this one. The white paint as a base layer really helps the whole piece stand out more against the darker canvas shoe.

shoes 2For the paint I used Basic acrylics with firm, nylon small brushes and for the black outlines I used a sharpie permanent marker. The acrylics are waterproof so once they are dry, she should have no problem wearing them out and about. The picture above was when I was almost done but you can see even after I painted the yellow base layer, I continued to paint on the giraffe with a white layer first and then the brown spots.

shoes 1The finished product! When all the paint was dry, I did a final finish with a Matte sealer to be extra confident to wear these in any kind of weather. I gave her the whole can of sealant as well so she can apply it again as needed. If you have any questions about the shoes, don’t hesitate to contact me!

xo, Curls&Kale

Regionals Weekend

Regionals 2


Can you believe it is Friday already? It seems like this week went by way too fast. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining; I think we should have three- or four-day weekends every week. This post was intended for Tuesday or Wednesday but quickly turned into today when I ran out of time all week. Last weekend I had the opportunity to go down to Virginia to watch the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals. It was my first time going to Regionals and the anticipation was killing me. We packed up all our things Thursday night and made the 3 ½ hour hike down to Fairfax, VA.
Back in March I signed up to be a volunteer at Regionals; if you ever get the opportunity—take it! I had one shift on Friday from 7 AM to noon. I checked other volunteers in, sent them to their locations, and then I worked the ticketing booth. It may not seem like much, but it was fun, I got to meet a ton of people, and got some really cool stuff. First of all, you get a free Reebok t-shirt to wear as a volunteer, then you get a wristband that gives you free access to events all weekend (whether you are volunteering that day or not), AND a weekend pass for a friend. You also get a free paleo meal ticket to use during or after your shift as well as a 25% off Reebok gift card. Talk about having perks for volunteering right?! The weekend tickets for Regionals are $50-$60 alone (that isn’t even including all the behind the scenes and how things work and are set up, plus all the people you meet). In the ticketing booth, I got to greet all the CrossFitters from around the Mid-Atlantic region. I even had the privilege of meeting the owner of AgainFaster without even knowing it! Who knew a young looking 30 year old guy owned AgainFaster? I didn’t, until another volunteer squealed at me after he walked away.
After my shift was over, the real events started. Our local friends at South Mountain CrossFit, who are completely badass, were competing in the team events. There’s nothing better than the camaraderie you feel when being a part of a competition like this among athletes who love the sport just as much as you. The best were those last to finish, with the entire heat of athletes cheering them on. That’s what I love about CrossFit, for the most part, we leave our egos at the door and uplift everyone during a workout. There is also room for friendly competition, but winning isn’t everything and one loss does not defeat or define you.
The pictures below are some of the highlights from the weekend, enjoy!

regionals 3

The TrueForm Runner from Rogue. Who says CrossFit can’t have treadmills?? Well this isn’t a typical treadmill. It is powered solely by the person using it. The user needs to find his/her own balance and stability on the treadmill to work properly and by doing this, teaches correct running techniques. It’s pretty cool if you ask me but I don’t think you’ll see many of them around with that price tag! 


I respect anyone who does any kind of fitness. If you are one of those people who are on the elliptical for hours every day and you enjoy it, that’s great–but that is definitely not me and I find this shirt hilarious and cannot wait to see my two year old niece wearing this around.

Regionals 1

Ben Smith after dominating the hang snatch WOD with 280lbs. Like it was nothing. He is probably one of my favorites and he had an awesome weekend!

Christmas 1

Saving the best for last, I got to meet my favorite CrossFit chick, Christmas Abbott! Remember how I mentioned another volunteer squealed when I was talking to the AgainFaster owner? Well, I’m pretty sure I almost ripped off my boyfriend’s arm when we walked past Christmas. I could not get the words out of my mouth about who we had just passed and he was so confused until I could finally collect my thoughts. If you haven’t already figured it out, grace and poise are not my strong suits. I don’t always think before I act, I’m awkward and a little weird when I meet new people (and apparently get too excited for words when I pass by people and know who they are). Christmas is as sweet as you would expect her to be. She talks to everyone like she has known them forever. She even seemed disappointed when we didn’t stay to chat after the photo, as, sadly, there was a line forming behind us. Hey Christmas, if you’re reading this, we could be friends.

xo, Curls&Kale