About Me

Welcome to my crazy, busy, life filled with nutrition and fitness. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania with a dad who taught me about cars instead of signing me up for sports, and a mom who thankfully taught me about the goodness of homemade foods instead of processed crap. From the time I was little I have been in the kitchen learning and experimenting.

My love for cooking and trying different flavors and foods continued into college when I decided to major in nutrition. To take something I had enjoyed all of my childhood and turn it into a career was such a blessing. During my college years, I also discovered that I was gluten intolerant. Coming from an Italian family, it was not easy telling my grandmother I couldn’t eat pasta anymore.  However, I saw it as a new challenge to make healthier, gluten-free dishes to replace those family classics I grew up loving.

I learned about the paleo diet when I started CrossFit in May 2011. Once I started cooking clean and noticing the changes to my body, I knew this was something I wanted to adopt for a lifestyle. Although gluten-free was great, grain-free made me feel even better! My body is happy with eating clean food. It doesn’t mean I don’t have cheat days, but I work out and eat paleo most of the time, so I can enjoy the indulgences of life, some of the time. I believe in food to be the most powerful medicine, if we give our bodies what they need, we will be rewarded with good health.

CrossFit is another huge part of my life aside from cooking and nutrition. When I first started CrossFitting I laughed when I saw other athletes doing handstand pushups-if they ever expected me to do that, they were nuts. I walked into my first class with no confidence and very little hope. I grew up around grease and cars-not barbells and pull-up rigs. I was definitely not an athlete. If you ever did CrossFit, you know everyone remembers their first workout. Mine was Cindy. A 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. I think it was actually around minute 8 when I looked around at everyone else suffering as much as me and realized, yes, I think I’m in the right place.

Almost three years later, I cannot believe how much CrossFit and paleo have shaped my life. I am currently a consultant for schools and individuals for nutrition and also a certified level 1 CrossFit trainer. My blog is about living a paleo lifestyle, eating to fuel those hard workouts, and my experiences and experiments along the way.

Never heard of paleo? Check out Robb Wolf’s explanation here.

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