How Paleo are You?

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Irony is just hilarious sometimes. I got this in a snapchat yesterday from a friend of mine. It brings up my all-time favorite debate on paleo and how it is “supposed” to be based off what cavemen used to eat; however, with modern-day access to pretty much any food (and genetically modified food if you want to get really technical) the term “paleo” gets thrown around a lot. Then you get mixed results when you google paleo recipes that could range from plain chicken with veggies and coconut oil to the really creative people who make Paleo Rocky Road Cupcakes–yea that’s a thing, I would not joke around about that. So who is right? The answer isn’t a cut and dry right or wrong. Technically, if you want to be strict paleo, guess what? You are going to be hunting, gathering and growing all of your food. Who has time for that?! Sure, in the perfect world, who wouldn’t want that, but at the same time, we shouldn’t make it the soul purpose of our lives to be harping so much on every single piece of food we put in our mouth..because that’s not healthy either. Live your life!!

So I’m saying all the paleo cookies, ice cream and other delicious treats are OK, right? Not exactly. Paleo treats should be taken for exactly what they are, treats. The amount of treats you get a year/month/week, depends on your goals as an individual, it is different for everyone. If you just started your paleo journey and your goal is to lose weight, don’t tempt yourself by making those paleo chocolate chip cookies. If you are going to a get together and you want to prove to your friends paleo isn’t just eating steak all day long and to shut them up about how you eat weird (not from experience or anything), make those rocky road cupcakes and let them eat their words! Or, if you have adopted paleo as a lifestyle, don’t deprive yourself of the good things in life every once in a while. You should never feel deprived when you are trying to eat better. If you feel deprived you will never stick with the diet. There are always going to be those strict paleo people who will never say a cupcake is paleo, but it comes down to your own beliefs and what is right for you. I created this blog to show there can be a balance. I will post meal ideas for everyday life and then sweet treats for those special occasions. That’s why I have different tab options under recipes, if you don’t want the treats, don’t look at them!

I’ll get off my soap box now. But if you have any questions about paleo, ingredients or anything about nutrition, comment or email me at! I’d be happy to chat 🙂

SO the other reason for this comic that was actually perfect timing, is that if you aren’t one of those people who hunts, gathers and grows all of their food, sometimes paleo recipes have weird ingredients. When I first started my paleo journey a good two years ago, I had never used almond flour, coconut cream or even remotely knew what a spiralizer did. Luckily for all of you, I have made this easy on you. I learned how to create an Amazon A-Store and now it is permanently added to my blog under the “Shop” tab. Amazon is awesome–I have a Prime membership so anything I order I get free 2-day shipping. My A-store has all the kitchen gadgets, books and grocery products that you may need for your paleo lifestyle. It’s a perfect one stop shop! Anytime I have a weird ingredient in my recipes like coconut cream concentrate, I’ll link it to the store where you can get it or at least see what the product looks like! Plus I give recommendations on specific products–like this almond flour is cheaper than others and it is SO much better when you are baking compared to other almond flours. You’re welcome people. So check it out here!

xo, Curls&Kale

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